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my heart may never beat again baby or have you got the best of me? [Jul. 4th, 2010|08:30 pm]
a sure type thing <3
In a little over a month Jess & I will be back in Minneapolis...can't wait for the good food, the awesome Edward Sharpe show, & all the fun things we'll do. We always get sad when we have to leave...someday maybe we'll make the big leap & move there.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, gotten kind of consumed with the Scott Pilgrim series. It's pretty amazingly awesome, I have to admit. I think I'm officially a nerd. I always liked comic books, I enjoyed them, but I think I'm a little over the moon for Bryan Lee O'Malley. I can't wait to see what he does after completing the series later this month. It'll be freaking genius, whatever it is.

80/35 was this weekend. I thought about getting a ticket for Modest Mouse tonight, but I worked 10 hours today. I don't really want to spend my evening standing in the rain with a bunch of people I don't like. Holiday pay > music festival. I think I'd be more of a Glastonbury girl anyway.

Devan cut my hair last week & I think I really like it. In fact, I think I like my hair now more than I have in a long time.

I think I want to meet Beth Ditto...I think we'd get along.
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2010|09:13 pm]
a sure type thing <3
Saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Wednesday night & loved it...so of course I had to run out & buy the book, because the hold queue at the Des Moines Public Library was about 50 long.

The book is really good so far; I also purchased The Girl who Played with Fire, the second book in the series.

Worked today, working tomorrow & Monday, then I have 3 days off to relax.

Seeing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo AGAIN Monday night with Jess & Justin.

Tela's coming over for dinner Tuesday night & Joey's coming Wednesday night...it'll be nice to be among friends again. Jess & I have been trying to be a bit more social, instead of sitting at home everyday being shut-ins.

I've requested the rest of my vacation for the year. I'm taking the Saturday of the Des Moines Art Festival off, so Jess & I can go for part of the day. I should really make lots of plans that day, since it's the only weekend day I have off where I'll be in town this year.

I'm also taking August 5-12 off for the Edward Sharpe show & for our triumphant return to Minneapolis! I can't wait to go back & see Triple Rock & Galactic & IKEA.

I started my Concerta on Thursday...I don't know how it's going yet. This morning I felt like I was in a haze & not very attentive, but it got better as the day went on. Maybe my body's adjusting?

I'd like to find time to visit Chicago sometime this year, but it depends on how much vacation time Jess & I could spare & how cheap we could stay there.
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2010|10:40 am]
a sure type thing <3
Trying to get back in the habit of writing on here more often.

Working 12-10 tonight. Jess has worked the last 3 nights & is working 2 more, so I haven't seen her as much as I like to.

Hummus sammy for work food tonight...Jess will probably make something yummy for me to eat when I get home. I love her so much.

Debating whether to get a smoothie before work today; it's Relays weekend so it'll be busy on my street. Sigh.
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2010|08:44 pm]
a sure type thing <3
Veronica Mars is still the greatest show you aren't watching. I marathon-ed the first season this week. Great. Epic. Fun.

Just finished making chocolate stout cupcakes with buttercream frosting...thinking about a second, and possible third batch, since I forgot to cut the buttercream recipe in half so now I have 4 cups of frosting for 12 cupcakes.

Back to work tomorrow. I felt as if I wasn't even off for my three days, since Jess was working overtime. Next week will be better.

Container garden looks awesome. I'm really proud of us. We planted herbs (cilantro, basil, and italian parsley), peppers (green bell, orange bell, and jalapeno), and LOTS of flowers (petunias, alyssum, salvia, verbena, and snapdragons). It was work but our patio looks beautiful!

Project Runway finale in a few; can't say I really care who wins. This season was weird.

I think I need new friends, no one wants to just come over and hang out anymore. I think I may have outgrown some of them, unfortunately.
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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2010|09:30 pm]
a sure type thing <3
Fantastic Mr. Fox has to be the greatest movie of modern times.

I think it's a good sign that I've been married almost a year & still miss my wife when she goes off to work.

Work is going pretty good...I think everyone likes me right now, anyway.

We're going to create a container garden on our deck next week. I'm pretty excited.

Our apartment looks like a whole new place with our new dining table & chairs & TV stand.

We're also going to purchase a sofa bed & bedroom furniture this year.

Really want to move to MPLS...I think we fit in there.
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2010|10:45 am]
a sure type thing <3
I'm having my wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow...should be interesting. Jess had hers out in May so it's my turn.

I jammed my finger yesterday at work & it's really swollen.

Still loving The Big Bang Theory...a lot.

Working 11:30-10 tonight...not looking forward to it.

My electric blanket is the best invention ever.

I can't wait for Jess to get home...I haven't seen her since 6:45pm last night.
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this is a list, because I'm too lazy to think of things to say... [Dec. 18th, 2009|11:16 pm]
a sure type thing <3
[my ears are happy... |big bang theory (tv on dvd!)]

1. Big Bang Theory is my new favorite show!
2. I'm sad that Glee is off the air until April...what will I do?!
3. Psych will be back next month! But on Wednesday nights instead of Fridays...
4. I'm having 3 wisdom teeth extracted January 12th...I'm nervous.
5. I've rediscovered the Des Moines Public Library & have fallen in love.
6. I switched shifts with Erin tomorrow so I can work 8-6 instead of 12-10.
7. Hanukkah is already over...sad.
8. Jess & I are going half-sies on a WII.
9. I love Modern Family...SO...MUCH.
10. I love my wife more than anything in the world.
11. I'm working Christmas Day & plan on making some yummy food to keep myself occupied.
12. I've kind of gotten hooked on NCIS...which is kind of sad.
13. Tegan is sleeping next to me...I love her.
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leave the barking to the ocean... [Nov. 29th, 2009|09:31 pm]
a sure type thing <3
[my ears are happy... |alejandro//lady gaga]

Just have to get through tomorrow night & I'll have 3 lovely days off. No idea what I'll be doing, but still...this weekend has been a mixed bag. Friday was just frustrating with personnel issues at work, Saturday was ridiculous with TECHNICAL issues at work, & today customers were just outright RUDE. Sigh. I hate the holidays.

I turn 25 tomorrow...scary. I remember being in middle school & thinking I'd NEVER be this old. But alas, time flies. I'm working, of course. I'm a grown-up, the days of partying & going out are so over. It's funny that I never really partied or went out for my birthday, other than to dinner. I've just never felt the need to go get hammered, I guess.

Jess & I will be married a year in April. It's crazy that it was that long ago that we got married!

We went to Fantastic Mr. Fox last week. It was the sweetest movie I'd seen in a while, very entertaining, like anything Wes Anderson does. I want to see it again, but I think this week we're going to An Education. Precious will arrive in December, so of course we'll go catch that one. It looks amazing.

Thanksgiving was okay. We made a yummy vegan dinner of chickpea cutlets, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole & mac & cheese. We were originally planning to spend the holiday with Jess's family in Blair, but finances kept us away. The car needed new tires, we needed food...rent is due...it all prevents us from having fun, not that Nebraska is that fun.

Tegan & Sara in Minneapolis in March. I can't wait. We're going to stay at our hotel for like 4 to 6 nights depending on how much money we can save. & we're going to eat yummy vegan food at Galactic Pizza, Triple Rock and the like.

But until then I'll be working up a storm, paying bills, filing taxes early next year...you know, the usual. We'll see how far my dollars will stretch this next year. Hopefully the financial backslide will improve, people will go back to work, & start spending money & stimulating the economy. We'll see.

I've become enamored with Lady GaGa recently. She's theatrical...ridiculous sometimes...and awesome. Don't forget awesome.
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(no subject) [Nov. 4th, 2009|11:34 am]
a sure type thing <3
[my ears are happy... |the ocean//tegan & sara]

Day 2 of 3 off this week...need to make pumpkin bars. Also, want to go to Sephora for vegan nail polish.

My tickets for Tegan & Sara's March Minneapolis show already came! Jess & I are sitting in the front row, Tegan's side...kind of a bummer...I like Sara. But that's cool. It'll be an awesome show.

I've been listening to Sainthood pretty much nonstop since it came on Saturday...it's definitely a different record. I really love it, actually, especially Alligator. It's not as cohesive as previous efforts, however.

I need to make an appointment to go see Devan. My hair needs some cutting. The sides get too bushy too fast. It will be the first time seeing her in her new salon...it'll be a change.

Went to see Joey's new place last night. Bought a lot of things from Pampered Chef. Saw Rachel & Joey for the first time since we got married. It was nice. They're awesome.

Morgan is coming over either tonight or tomorrow to watch some How I Met Your Mother...it'll be good.

Jess & I have been making pizza the last couple nights...damn you Daiya cheese and your deliciousness!!!
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a week until SAINTHOOD!!! [Oct. 19th, 2009|11:10 pm]
a sure type thing <3
So Jess & I are back from our mini-vacation. It was fun, full of yummy vegan eats, weird excursions in the middle of the night, and lots of downtime in a wonderful hotel room with Paranormal State, Psych, True Life, and NCIS. Only one of those listed is a show I watch on a regular basis.

We're going to view Where The Wild Things Are tomorrow. That'll be good.

I bought tickets to the Minneapolis Tegan&Sara show on Friday...front row (pretty much) center. I can't wait...it'll be a blast. And hopefully Jess & I can stay a good 5 days or so.

We need groceries.

Over & out...
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